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What Are Different Perspectives On Laminate Flooring For Other Areas?


These coatings are on the rise because they are cheaper than parquet and more resistant. In addition, it offers a wide variety of designs and colours.

If you are considering changing the floor at home, you are building your ideal home, or you are simply renovating the attic or basement, There is present laminate flooring in detail and the different possibilities they offer.

When you consider changing the coating of a room, the first thing you have to do to choose well is to consider what room it is. And analyse to what use it is destined. According to the results of this analysis, you have to consider the ease of installation, resistance to wear and, of course, aesthetics.

Laminate floors have different levels of resistance and hardness.

If in doubt, do not be afraid to seek professional advice. We have asked José María Villalba, an expert at the Bauhaus stores, for laminate flooring. And he has told us that “if it is a wet room -kitchens or bathrooms- we can choose between vinyl or laminate floors with a special water-repellent protection”.

In this way, the warmth and beauty of the wood are combined. Although, Villalba is clear that “in this case, I would personally recommend choosing a vinyl, ceramic or stoneware coating since its resistance to humidity is indisputable.”

And he goes on to comment: “For a living room, a bedroom… we recommend a laminate floor both for its warmth and ease of installation and maintenance. Currently, the designs perfectly simulate the colours of wood and faithfully reproduce its feel. They also add attributes such as reduction and thermal and acoustic insulation.”

One of the proposals we like the most from Bauhaus is the Casino model because it has a sophisticated aesthetic with beautiful features, such as a thickness of 12 mm and an impact and step sound absorption system of up to 50% in the same room.

As if that weren’t enough, it has an anti-electrostatic system and a 30-year warranty. It is easy to assemble thanks to the ‘1 click two go’ system. Ideal for homes, of course. But also for spaces such as stores, subject to high intensity of use.

It is a coating based on a wood board covered with melamine paper.

The hypermarket also has the Roadsigns model, a “designer” floor, more daring than the previous one. Its main characteristic is that it incorporates American license plate prints, which makes it very original. In addition, it has a straight slope in V that gives a very curious visual effect.

For small, dark spaces, you can choose a white floor.

With so many possibilities that laminate flooring poses, no one can be surprised that they are one of the most frequently chosen. Remember that they are much more resistant than parquet and solid wood flooring.

And that the possibilities are much greater. That is, there are in different colours, sometimes very original. Like the Bauhaus one we just saw. Or the Easy model, from another centre, specialising in decoration and DIY, Akí. We wanted to show it to you precisely because it has the possibility of placing it in white (also in grey). With the options of luminosity that they suppose, for example, for a small and dark room.

On the contrary, if you want to place it in an ample, bright space, where a good amount of natural light enters and where you are concerned about stains. If you also want an elegant, refined look, we recommend the Technofloor model, by Akí, in rustic oak colour. 

In the market, you find solutions for children’s spaces.

We never tire of telling you that the possibilities are astonishing. For numerous, but above all for different and original. And in that sense, we want you to see those of Leroy Merlin for the rooms for the little ones in the house. Suitable for sleeping, good for playing (ideal for the game room, the attic).

This is the Kiddy model, a laminate floor with built-in water-repellent HDF support. Monoblade design with a structured finish. Because you don’t have to be worried if you drop a glass of water or juice, of course, they also have more conventional models, such as the Artens Roble.

At BricoDepot, you find floors from 6 mm to 15 mm thick.

BricoDepot has many proposals ( more than 30 organised by colour chromatic) for laminate floors or, as they call it, stratified. That is, a coating based on wood board, covered with a melamine paper that gives it the design and to which a layer of varnish is applied that gives it its hardness.

They have them from the simplest resistance/hardness (AC3) to the most demanding (AC5), depending on the use that will be given. And from 6 mm thick to 15 mm, which is more resistant and reminiscent of the physical characteristics of parquet. They are available in white, grey, oak, and pickled white.

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