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Burglaries: What Can We Do to Make Our Homes Safer?


Our homes are essentially our safe havens. The comfort provided at home is something that can truly never be matched by any other place. No place in the world will ever feel as cozy and warm as the beds we sleep on, on any given day. But unfortunately,the world is not as safe as we wish it would be. As dreadful and terrifying as they are, home burglaries are still quite common, and even in 2022, they remain a great threat to homeowners.

Burglaries are usually known to occur in the middle of the day, ideally, a time when nobody is expected to be home, which is roughly between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. And burglars don’t exactly linger around the premises for more than a few minutes. Their target is usually items that are pawn-able or can easily be sold without being traced back to them, but of course, given that several times it’s usually a teenager there is room for rookie mistakes.

Although homes with alarm systems installed tend to deter robbers and burglars from a home, thankfully with modern-day technology, there are a few ways to make your house a safer place to be thanks to smart home devices. Here are 3 picks that we think would be great for home security.

1.Smart Lights

The majority of the time, home thefts are committed by novices often just as a means to get by. To protect yourself and keep your family safe, adding LED motion detector lights might just be what you need. Using changes in temperatures and radiation, these lights switch on every time any sort of motion is detected within their surroundings – which can warn you just in time when someone you aren’t expecting pulls up in your driveway or is creeping around in the backyard. Even better, these lights may simply scare the burglars into not proceeding any further.

Luckily for us, modern-day tech is not only reliable but also easy to install. Lights like the Sengled Smart LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlight simply need to be screwed in, and you can enjoy the benefits of a smart light-detecting motion up to 30 feet from the bulb. Considering this is possibly the most inexpensive way of protecting your home, this is probably a great way to start when it comes to smart devices.

2. Smart Cameras

Even in 2022, security cameras are perhaps the most classic form of home security. Surveys conducted on convicted thieves revealed that 60% of them deter from breaking into homes where they can visibly see a security system, like a security camera or a motion sensor installed by windows for instance. Additionally in the unfortunate event that a theft does occur, cameras are still your best possible bet at catching the perpetrators.

Smart cameras with smart technology integrated into them have made the process of installing a security camera much simpler than traditional versions where you would have to deal with home security companies. The Google Nest Camera, for example, comes in wireless and wired variants – both that do not require any professional assistance, to begin with.

Gone are the days when pixelated images and silhouettes of the robber were the best you could get from a security camera. Smart cameras can show live footage, 24/7 in HD resolution and straight to your smartphones! That’s not all though; smart cameras feature two-way audio for clear sound and to communicate from both ends of the device. This lets you be aware of what goes on in your home when you’re not there, with access tofootage wherever you may be.

3. Smart Door Locks

With access to information all over the internet, thieves are becoming smarter as the days pass – lock picking has become an art much easier to master than it was before. Smart door locks combine the use of technology with traditional locks to make sure your front door never gets breached.

Smart door locks are convenient, practical, and, most of all, safe given that they are keyless and tamperproof. Most smart door locks use passcodes and biometric fingerprint scanners, so those whose prints aren’t registered or don’t know the security key can’t enter.

Newer models of smart door locks are even smarter– you can check the lockhistory of your door through a mobile app, so you never have to be paranoid about whether you locked the door on your way out. And the same mobile app is what allows you to lock/unlock your door from miles away!


Taking the right steps to improve your home security is an imperative and, often, difficult task. However, it is important to remind yourself that taking even one step to make your house safer now can save you the trouble of losing your valuables, or any break-ins, along with granting you the peace of mind that you deserve. Head on over to and check out what other smart home devices they’ve got that would be great for home security purposes.

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