Move Your Wine Collection

The Best Way to Move Your Wine Collection


You must have invested much money, time, and effort to make a good wine collection. That’s why it gets confusing and stressful when you have to move your wine collection. There are a lot of considerations that you need to make to ensure your relocation is done safely and no damage is caused. The first step is calling an experienced moving company such as Ramar Transportation to help you professionally relocate your wine collection.

This article will outline the best ways to move your wine collection.

1. Look for Wine Appraisal

It’s essential to know the value of your wine collection, regardless of its size. This will give you an idea of the equipment you will need to use and if you must invest in a wine collection insurance policy. This can be very vital in case of any damages occurring to your wine collection. Further, don’t forget to take photos of every bottle you own to keep track of them when you move. This also plays a vital role in case the bottle and wine get damaged or scratched.

2. Choose an Experienced Moving Company

One of the vital steps to consider when moving your wine is hiring an experienced team of movers. Before hiring them, compare their services and prices with other companies to know if they are overcharging and if the services offered are worth it. You should ensure you fill high-value inventory since the general coverage might fail to cover your collection. You should note that some moving companies have no experience moving liquids, and hiring them would be a significant risk. Don’t forget to check if the company has the right equipment to handle your equipment.

3. Learn How To Pack Your Wine

Packing your wine is a crucial part of ensuring that you relocate safely. You cannot just pack your bottles in regular packing boxes. When packing, you must use wine packing boxes with cardboard or Styrofoam inserts in them. In addition, you need to ensure you keep the cork wet. You must pack the bottles either on their side or upside down to do this. After packing, label the boxes to indicate which side must remain upright. Don’t forget to indicate fragile so that the movers will not mishandle them.

4. Ensure The Temperature Is Ideal

When moving your wine, you want to find it in the same state when you arrive. Having extreme cold or hot temperatures can be detrimental to your wine. If you are moving wine in your car, use an air conditioner to keep the temperature steady. If you use a moving company, ensure they have the right vehicle with the ideal temperature to move your wine.

5. Consider The Local Regulations

If you are moving interstate or within the country, learning and knowing the regulation set is crucial. Rules regarding wine transportation ensure the wine is transported safely and in a favorable environment. You need to note that the rules differ from one state to other. If you contact a moving company, they must have an idea of the rules and will ensure that your wine is moved without any complications.

End Note

Always take the necessary precautions to avoid complications or damage when moving your wine. You must allow your wine to rest for at least a week before opening it.

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