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9 outdoor design ideas


Whether you have a small balcony, a large terrace or a real garden, your exterior requires a layout worthy of the name. Indeed, far from being the poor relatives of your home, the exterior parts allow you to revel in the good weather and enhance the rest of your home by providing it with added aesthetic value.

From the choice of garden furniture, to that of colors, lighting and materials, we deliver 9 ideas allowing you to create an oasis at home.

Choose your outdoor furniture according to your interior

Rattan, wood, resin or even metal, you are spoiled for choice depending on your budget! If you cannot store your outdoor furniture in the winter, choose materials that are resistant to humidity and cold.

Match the outdoor furniture to that in the room overlooking the terrace to create harmony.

Your interior is designer? Choose furniture with clean lines and a modern design, for example in fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete.

Have you adopted a “country chic” spirit for your living room? Play with braided fibers, rattan, or even braided PVC which will give the illusion of it, while being easy to maintain.

If you like the bohemian style, colored aluminum will be your ally or perhaps different shades of stainless steel sheets.

Harmonize the floor with the facade

Wood, stone, tiles, or fake lawn, the choice of floor will depend on the style of your home.

Gray tiling with large slabs or a wooden grating-type covering will be ideal for a contemporary home .

For a more classic house , we will rather opt for a terrace in natural or reconstituted stone of the “Pierre de Bourgogne” type or we will choose marble.

Contemporary wooden houses will match wide wooden decks. They can be treated to retain their original color or remain raw in order to acquire a gray tint over the years.

Brick and its many shades will suit all styles of facades. A flamed brick will go with a classic style and a plain brick, rather with a contemporary style

 Combine bright colors with neutral shades

It may be prudent to choose neutral colors in order to avoid any bad taste. They are relaxing and go with everything! But the bright hues will bring cheer to your garden.

Opting for a bright and fresh color like turquoise combined with white or a dark color gives a particularly successful visual effect.

Fuchsia pink is also a cheerful shade suitable for outdoor furniture. The striking contrast with the surrounding greenery will energize your balcony or terrace.

Anise green , with its touch of yellow, will brighten up your garden while blending perfectly with the surrounding foliage.

 Set up a relaxation area with a hammock

If your terrace has two walls, it is tempting to hang a hammock there, ideal for resting and sunbathing!

You can even make your own hammock yourself with a large piece of cotton fabric. If you don’t feel up to it, there are some on the market at very affordable prices, some even with suitable supports if the walls do not allow you to hang it.

Lighting sets the mood

Lighting up your terrace at night means taking advantage of the cool summer evenings around a barbecue and, if you’re lucky, a swimming pool.

Lighting can be:

punctual, thanks to wall lights placed on the facades;

diffuse, thanks to street lamps or luminous pots lit with LEDs

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