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How to select interior furniture


In general, avoid dark colors for your living room, because they are likely to attenuate the result of the decoration. Instead, prefer light or slightly sober colors such as gray, blue, green or even beige. Besides these colors which most of the time offer a beautiful result, do not hesitate to choose one of your favorite colors. If it’s a bright color like red or purple, tone down its bling-bling effect by only painting part of the living room with it.If you have a hard time making up your mind, paint a wall in the living room with strips of the pre-selected colors. Take a few steps back and enjoy the result. Choose the color that appeals to you the most among all those used to make the bands. Now that you have made your choice, move on to applying the paint. Your living room will have a new look and you can already start to feel the effects of the decor.

The choice of furniture

Old or dilapidated furniture in a new setting does not mix at all.For a sublime result, opt for furniture that is out of the ordinary. Design and stylish furniture represents what is best to create originality in your living environment. The objective thus pursued is to kill two birds with one stone: to own new furniture to make yourself comfortable in your living room, but also furniture that contributes to the embellishment of the room through their exceptional design. Whether it is the sofa, the coffee table, the TV cabinet or the bookcase, everything must be chosen on the basis of one decisive criterion: style and design. Before proceeding to the purchase of your new furniture, take into account the size of your living room.

Play on the light

Light is an essential element of the decoration, because it constitutes the factor which allows to highlight all the other components of the decoration. When properly present in a room, its contact with the color of the walls offers a stunning aesthetic result. During the day, make sure you have enough natural light in your living room. If not, hire a professional to create entryways for daylight, because the rewards are worth the effort. And to illuminate your living room in the evenings, install designer lamps on both sides. Opt for the spots, for example. Inlaid on the ceiling and lit, they produce a completely seductive effect. Add a few standing lights with rare shapes and you’re done.

To finalize the decoration of the living room and give it a touch of originality, the best way to proceed is to add some accessories. For a living room, the most chic accessories are:

The decoration of the room

Despite its status as a private room, the bedroom remains a special place, the decoration of which must also be carried out according to the rules of the art. The bedroom is intended to offer rest and relaxation, its decoration must therefore conform to this reality. Here too, your preferences will have to be taken into account when choosing certain details such as the color of the room. Choose a sober color so that its contact with the light does not prevent you from sleeping.

Bedroom furniture

Like the living room, the decoration of the bedroom must be finalized with the installation of certain accessories. For a bedroom, certain accessories are essential for a successful decor. First, get curtains that will highlight the frame. You have the choice between the very trendy floral models and those in solid color. Then hang one or two paintings on the wall. You can also add photos of your loved ones. Finally, think about the lighting in the bedroom. For this room, opt for spots. These types of lighting, in addition to being discreet and aesthetic, provide perfect lighting. Add a designer bedside lamp for the nights and voila. A beautiful flowerpot will also be welcome to sublimate the room and give it a natural touch.

How to decorate the kitchen?

Room where all family meals are prepared, the kitchen occupies a privileged place in any home. Most of the kitchen decoration will be based on the color of the room as well as on the accessories present. To start, get yourself a modern and stylish kitchen. This will help to beautify the room and allow you to cook your meals in greater comfort. When it comes to color, get out of the standard white cliché and dare relatively bright colors that you can associate with white. But if you prefer tiling, then your choice is the tiles garnished with images of cups of tea, fruit or cakes. Finally, create a dining area in your kitchen with designer and stylish furniture. A modern and stylish table and chair set can be purchased at a retail store.

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