Screams Contemporary Elegance

A Guide to Creating A Space That Screams Contemporary Elegance


The concept of contemporary elegance is simple: modern meets classic. It is a design where contemporary is paired tastefully with classic home aesthetics. What is the outcome? You get a home that is modern chic but has a touch of old-world charm. A home that screams elegance yet feels cosy and comfortable.

Seems impossible to achieve? Trust us when we say that it is easy if you know the basics of this concept. Intrigued to learn more about this design theory so that you can integrate it into your new home? Here is the ultimate guide that will help you create an abode that is the epitome of contemporary elegance.

1. Go for Soft Neutral Hues

Soft neutral hues will not only radiate warmth into your space but will also make it appear bright, spacious and welcoming. We are talking about muted hues like beige, cream, white, light grey, etc. Remember that when it comes to creating a contemporary elegance, home design, colours play a critical role in setting up the look and feel of the place. You must choose a custom colour palette that evokes a sense of calm and refined grace in your space.

2. Bring in the Natural Light

We are talking about going for large floor-length glass windows, which will bring the outdoors indoors. Add an element of nature’s touch to your place to make it appear grounded and soft. This hack will help bring maximum light into your place and make it appear airy and fresh.

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3. Choose the Right Furniture

Your furniture can make or mar your contemporary elegance design. We recommend that you go for sleek and contemporary furniture in neutral hues. Go for furniture pieces where form meets functionality. There needs to be a beautiful balance between aesthetics and comfort.

4. Pick the Right Artwork

The worst mistake you can make is to select loud or vibrant artwork for such places. You must pick up minimalist artwork in neutral colours for these places. We recommend that you frame these art pieces with slender metallic borders to further add a sense of elegance and opulence to your living space.

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5. Pay Attention to the Textures

Tactile experience is an integral element of contemporary elegance. You must carefully choose the right wall finish and fabric for your linen, rugs, pillows, curtains, etc. Make sure that the texture you choose matches the overall aesthetics of your place. You want to ensure that your wall paint, furniture and other decor elements look cohesive and in sync with each other.

The Final Verdict 

Remember that this concept is all about creating a home that is not just easy on the eyes but also a home that is a classic example of comfort. It is all about blending timeless and modern elements to create a chic and well-organised place that you would be proud to flaunt amongst your social circle.

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