Can A Part-Time Cleaner

What Can A Part-Time Cleaner Do For You?


With many Singaporeans now hiring part-time cleaners for their homes, you might be interested in having one too. They can handle household chores that you might struggle with yourself.

But what exactly can you have the helpers assist you with? Here’s a look at some services they can offer to homeowners in Singapore.

What Chores Can We Outsource to a Part-time Helper?

We typically expect a part-time cleaner to dust and wipe down countertops, furniture, windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. They can also vacuum and mop our floors. However, the chores they can do extend beyond that and can include the following:

Clean the Carpeting and Upholstery

Cleaning your rugs, carpets, and upholstery requires more than a simple vacuum to remove all the deep-seated dirt and bacteria. They may also need methods such as shampooing, foam cleaning, or steam cleaning — all of which need special equipment that a professional part-time cleaner can have.

Make Your Bed

Don’t have time to make your bed in the morning? Your cleaner can do it for you and wash and change the linens as well. You can come home to an orderly bed, not a messy one.

Iron Your Clothes and Linens

Some of us have time to wash our clothes and linens at home or take them to the laundromat. However, ironing them is another matter entirely. Fortunately, many part-time helpers also provide this service if you request it.

Wash Your Dishes

If you have piles of dishes left on the sink or have some pots and pans with stubborn stains, you can have the helper deal with them if you are too busy to do so.

Dispose of the Garbage

Should you forget to take out your rubbish from the past few days, the part-time cleaner can do it for you. They can also wash your waste bins to rid them of germs.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Washing and scrubbing a bathroom clean takes significant time to finish, especially if you’re unused to the work. Cleaners can save you the effort and disinfect the area as well.

What to Keep in Mind When Assigning Tasks to Your Cleaner

A Part-Time Cleaner Has Time Limits

Part-time helpers only work for you a few hours every week or month. They will always do their best to finish everything on their cleaning checklist before time runs out. However, you should still consider the amount and type of tasks you want them to do. Cramming too many chores in a short session can have unsatisfactory results.

Instead, you could plan the chores you want done for the day ahead of time. If the cleaner’s current chore checklist is full, more time-intensive tasks, such as cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom, may be better off assigned for a later session unless the cleaner or the company agrees to increase the hours worked for a particular appointment.

Scope of Work May Vary Per Cleaner

Though many service providers offer comprehensive part-time cleaning services, not all have the same scope.

For example, they might charge an additional fee to wash or steam clean your carpets or upholstery.

You can ask around first regarding the full extent of cleaning services offered before deciding who to hire to avoid exceeding your budget.

Choose Your Cleaning Company Wisely for a Spotless Home

If you’re ready to hire a part-time cleaner for your home, choose from a company trusted by many other Singaporeans. Many freelancers offer cleaning services here in Singapore, but a professional cleaning company gives us the reassurance that we have trained, fully legal workers taking care of our homes. Their agency also provides them with the tools to get the chores done efficiently, so we do not need to worry about our specific needs not being met.

By getting the right people to maintain our homes, we can have more peace of mind and enjoy a stress-free life.

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