How To Adapt The Furniture To The CHR Environment?


Indeed, it is important that you create a place where you feel comfortable and where originality and conviviality reign. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, your furniture must be able to withstand intensive and repeated use. Discover our advice to choose it well.


Furniture is one of the basic ingredients in the recipe for the success of a café, hotel or restaurant. Whether you are opening a new establishment or considering a rebrand, furniture contributes greatly to the atmosphere, friendliness and character of the place in generalThe decor of an establishment is essential to give a good first impression to customers. The furnishing and the design give an idea of ​​the quality of the service and the facilities of the place. Customers are used to looking out the window of a restaurant or café to get an idea of ​​its type.

You have surely already noticed that the decor in a fast food chain and that of a starred restaurant are not at all the same. The choice of furniture gives an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of type of cuisine, price and level of customer service. All this is important to attract your target customers.

The furniture in your establishment must therefore reflect your image, the quality of your service, the type of cuisine you offer, the spirit of your establishment, etc. Make sure you find furniture that meets all of these criteria without blowing your budget. You can order custom-made furniture if you cannot find models that match your needs and your brand image, there are also many brands specializing in CHR furniture. For more originality, do not hesitate to mix different materials such as metal and rattan, wood and PVC or glass and bamboo for example. To find inspiration, visit for example, a site specializing in the sale of furniture for CHR establishments.


It is important that the furniture is consistent with the style of your establishment. A beautiful design does not necessarily mean that the furniture has to be very sophisticated. The furniture in your establishment must be consistent above all. Sometimes simple, clean lines with a neat finish will do the trick. If you don’t feel confident enough to mix and match different chair designs, you can simply mix and match different fabrics. On the other hand, do not be tempted by designs that are too unusual at the expense of comfort. There must be a good balance between design and comfort.

The form

The most popular table shape in hospitality establishments is the square. Square tables can be used alone to accommodate two or four guests or can be joined together to accommodate larger groups. Rectangular tables are ideal for establishments where larger groups are expected.

Round tables are quite rare in restaurants and hotels, however they have their place in more relaxed establishments. Round tables are more sociable and versatile because you can fit as many chairs as you want. Restaurant banquettes, on the other hand, have great advantages over standard restaurant seating. They are easier to clean and save a lot of space. The shape defines the content, it’s an adage that is often verified: you will quickly see that the type of furniture you have chosen also determines the type of welcome you will have. For example, very thick armrests keep the guests away from each other. A high back isolates neighboring tables,

Arrangements, quantities and sizes

Planning the layout of a CHR establishment and its terrace is not easy and can sometimes be a real headache. It is very important to know how to calculate the right quantities, the right layouts and the right dimensions. The width of the chairs must for example correspond to that of the tables including armrests, depending on the number of people you want to accommodate at each table.

Indoor or outdoor

Are you planning to open a restaurant with a terrace? If so, it is important to consider the material of the furniture. You certainly do not want to have to renew the furniture of your establishment after a few months. That’s why you should opt for furniture specifically designed for outdoor use and avoid any material that has not been treated to resist weather and UV rays. When buying outdoor furniture, you should also take into account that they may need to be stored during the winter. In this case, it is advisable to choose stackable furniture.


To ensure the quality of the products you are about to buy, choose a brand that offers a guarantee. Being used and moved frequently, CHR furniture must meet high quality, resistance and robustness requirements. The warranty is a means of ensuring that the products meet these requirements.


To be in tune with the times, your establishment must follow the trend. Some of the most popular styles right now include:

Retro vintage : always very popular, this style allows you to use old materials to give them a second life. You can thus use the wooden pallets, bet on the play of periods between the objects in order to create an enveloping and timeless atmosphere.

Chic minimalism : “Less is more” is the principle of this style. It’s about creating an elegant atmosphere with raw materials. Chic minimalism favors clean lines and simple, yet modern designs.

The cozy Scandinavian : adopted by many CHR establishments, Scandinavian furniture is always on the rise. Combined with soft materials such as wood, it stands out against a background of warm and cozy decor.

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