A Complete Guide on How to Buy Plywood


There are thousands of plywood brands. And choosing the best among them is a very brainstorming job. It requires a lot of your time and effort. And even when you are researching different plywood brands, every other person will advise you differently. But don’t you worry, this article will provide full-proof guidance to make you choose the best plywood for you.

Plywood has become a necessity nowadays; checking the quality of plywood sheets has become very important. Whenever looking forward to buying plywood for your furniture or other stuff, you should keep a strict check on some of the very crucial points that have been listed below.

1. Identification of the area where plywood has to be used

You should have a clear vision of the area where the plywood has to be applied. Different types of specialised plywood are manufactured according to the intended application. For example, softwood plywood is meant for roof sheathing, subflooring, frame sheathing, etc.

On the other hand, hardwood plywood is meant for musical instruments, wood casing, frames, sports equipment, etc.

Then there comes marine plywood that is used in areas prone to moisture.

Therefore, you should have enough knowledge about the types of plywood and their application.

The expert team at the century exterior showrooms guides you in choosing efficient plywood.

2. Buy from an established wholesaler.

The first and obvious reason is the price of plywood. Wholesalers always sell at a lower price than the retailers. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to buying plywood in huge quantities, then you should contact a wholesaler.

The second reason is that you get a chance of choosing the best plywood among different types at the same place. Wholesalers always have a lot of different options ready for you to choose from. You can visit the century exterior plywood store to get a piece of detailed information about plywood.

3. Check plywood from outside.

There are multiple methods to check the quality of plywood from the outside. Some of them are given below in brief.

  • Check for the adherence of laminate with the plywood. If the laminate keeps strongly adhered to the plywood, it means plywood has a wood face veneer. It’s a quality check.
  • The plywood surface should be smooth enough without any bumps or ups and downs. Often plywood gets swollen because of moisture absorption. In this case, the plywood is of low quality. High-quality plywood is usually water-resistant.
  • Plywood must have an equivalent thickness from all four sides.
  • You can also knock on the centre of the plywood. The sound will be an indicator of its hollowness.

Plywood manufacturers often try to trick you with fake marks. Be very conscious of this forgery.

Market leaders such as CenturyPly ensure that you can rely on them when it comes to quality. They’ve also introduced the CenturyPromise application which can help you authenticate your purchase.

7. Bring a friend

When you are visiting different plywood stores, bring a friend along who either has enough knowledge about high-quality plywood or owns plywood furniture so that his experience can be put to the test.

Bringing along a friend can also result in a more fruitful inspection of plywood, and if you end up buying the plywood, your friend will be of great help in unstacking, restacking, loading and unloading.

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