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5 Plumbing Tips for First-Time Homebuyers


Buying a home for the first time can be one of the most exhausting yet exciting times in your life. One of the most overlooked aspects of purchasing a home is its plumbing system. Knowing how to protect and locate the plumbing components in your home is important. You need to be able to spot issues and know when to call a professional plumber.

Follow these five basic tips to help your first-time home-buying experience go smoothly.

#1. Start off with an inspection!

The first thing to do is get a professional plumbing inspection done on your home. Most of the plumbing system is hidden from view, so anything could be happening behind your walls or beneath your floors.

A thorough inspection will provide you with a list of any potential issues currently in the home. It will also highlight the areas that need immediate repairs or replacement.

#2. Know where your water main shut-off valve is.

It is important to ask your real estate agent or your home inspector to show you where the water main shut-off valve is located. The main water shut-off valve is intended to stop all water flow into your home.

Typically, homeowners in FL, or other warm-weather locations, can find the valve in a box that is buried into the ground and covered by a plastic or metal top. This box is usually located in the front yard, not far from the curbside. Another location for the valve can be an exterior wall of the house.

Knowing where the main water shut-off valve is located becomes very important during a plumbing emergency. An emergency in your home could take the form of flooding, a burst pipe, or even certain kinds of leaks. Shutting this main valve off will save you from excessive water damage and allow a professional time to fix the problem.

#3. Keep your drains clean.

As a first-time homebuyer, it is important to understand that ignoring clogged drains can lead to major plumbing issues. Drains are easily clogged with hair, soap, and other debris.

A friendly tip: Install a drain catch to prevent hair and other items from going down the drain and creating clogs.

#4. Winterize your pipes!

If you are going to buy a home in a state that experiences cold winters, you should be made aware that, if a pipe freezes, it can cause a pipe to burst! Winterizing your pipes will greatly decrease the likelihood of a wintertime pipe burst occurring. You can contact a professional plumbing company to winterize your property for you. This ensures it is done properly.

While winterizing is more important in the northern states, Florida can experience cooler than usual temperatures during the winter and so homeowners should contact Clog Kings Plumbing to find out how to keep their homes safe.

#5. Have emergency numbers on hand.

You should have a list of emergency numbers on hand for your home. Gather numbers for all of your local emergency services to be kept on your phone and in your home. Collect numbers for a plumbing company like Clog Kings Plumbing, HVAC Company, local law enforcement, and any other important information.

We offer 24/7 dispatchers for emergency plumbing issues. No matter the time, day, or night, we are ready to assist you in your plumbing emergency.

Find a plumbing company you can trust.

A priority for first-time homeowners is to find a plumbing company they can trust. If you are purchasing a house anywhere in Tampa FL, you can reach Clog Kings Plumbing.

This post was written by Joey Denick. Joey is the Owner and Operator of Clog Kings. At Clog Kings, LLC, we pride ourselves on our dedication and efficiency. We know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we work fast to get your home or commercial building back up and running in no time. If you are looking for Hillsborough county plumbing then look no further because we got you covered!

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