Polyhouse Farming

Polyhouse Farming: A Profitable Venture


The technique of raising multiple types of greenhouses in India is known as polyhouse farming. To create healthful and high-quality food in a controlled atmosphere. Greenhouses were first used in house farming.

However, as technology advances, this is no longer the case. It’s transformed into something that can’t be cultivated in these greenhouses.Polyhouse farming, despite the changes, remains one of the most inventive ways to produce healthy food. On such an industrial level, it is one of the most widely employed ways by large-scale farms all over the world.

In India, polyhouse farming is slowly gaining popularity. Polyhouse farming can be quite profitable for a farmer.More Quality, Lower Costs: There are numerous advantages to poly farming in India.Not only does it outlive any other sort of housing by a long shot. Insects and rodents, on the other hand, are unable to eat through them.Farmers save money and time as a result of this. Pests seem to become less of an issue as time goes on.One may grow polyhouse farming crops that are healthier, taste better, and yield more.In regards of both food and labor expenditures, one can save money. Because crops maintain their health throughout their life cycle. Due to the absence of disease outbreaks, harvest yields also increase!Small polyhouse plants are cleaner and endure longer before spoiling, which comes as no surprise.

When compared to open-field farming, it is projected that yields in polyhouse or greenhouse farming can be increased by 4-8 times. As a result, rather than laboring in open fields, farmers may consider building a polyhouse.According to the research, Poly House Farming Returns are over 90% during the off-seasons.

Many individuals get the terms polyhouse and greenhouse mixed up. Polyhouse is a type of greenhouse or, to put it another way, a smaller greenhouse with polyethylene as a cover. Because of its low construction and maintenance costs, polyhouse farming is a popular greenhouse technology in poor nations like India. Lath Building is another greenhouse technology that uses wood as a cover. The poly house is less expensive than the greenhouse, but the greenhouse will endure longer.

Various plants, crops, vegetables, and fruits can be grown in a polyhouse. However, the following are the kinds that are most suited for this type of farming:Fruits such as papaya, strawberry, and others can easily be grown in a polyhouse.Vegetables such as cabbage, bitter gourd, capsicum, radish, cauliflower, chilli, coriander, onion, spinach, tomato, and others can be grown.Flowers such as carnations, gerberas, marigolds, orchids, and roses are also easy to grow.Mushrooms can be cultivated in a polyhouse as well.

Polyhouse is a sort of greenhouse or, to put it another way, a smaller version of a greenhouse with a polyethylene cover. Polyhouse farming is a prevalent greenhouse method in developing nations like India because of its inexpensive construction costs and ease of upkeep. Another greenhouse method that uses wood as a cover is the lath house.

While Poly House has a larger initial cost, it is quickly recouped.

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