custom design neon LED sign

Benefits of custom design neon LED sign


There are a number of strategies to ensure that your company gets recognised by customers in your neighbourhood. Window displays, flashing lights, traditional signage, banners, and bright building paint may all draw attention to your business. Is there anything, however, that works as well as custom design neon LED sign? The possibilities with neon used to be restricted, but with contemporary technology and decades of invention, bespoke neon signs now have a plethora of advantages to offer businesses who choose to utilise them.

Efficiencies in Energy

Given how little energy custom neon signs consume, they are quite popular among company owners. If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient lighting or signs, LED lights use a fraction of the electricity that neon lights do. Neon bulbs require 15,000 volts to operate, but LEDs only require 12 volts.

Designing With Creativity

The term “custom neon signs” should indicate that the options are boundless, and they are. This specific advertising media allows up a plethora of logo and writing possibilities. Businesses may create neon signage in almost any form or colour they choose. Many neon sign companies provide online design tools that you can use to do your own work, and they can also do it for you.


Customised neon signs are equally as strong and durable as regular neon signs, which already have a long lifespan. A well-built and maintained neon sign should last your business for a decade, but with proper care from development to installation and upkeep, you can possibly get it to last even longer. That’s a lot better than sending an employee up a ladder twice a year to change bulbs in traditional exterior signage. It’s also a lot safer, depending on the weather and who’s willing to really climb the ladder.

Installation is simple.

Even if you require professional installation, most neon sign companies either have someone on staff who can do it or collaborate with someone who does it on a regular basis. Even if you think you can handle the installation yourself, it’s worth it to hire professionals so you can be assured it’ll be done correctly and learn how to maintain your signs.


If you’ve read this far, you’re already aware that neon signs consume less energy. They have a longer lifetime as well. This all adds up to becoming a better person for the world you share with your coworkers, vendors, and clients. If you still rely on fossil fuel electricity where you are, using less power equals a smaller carbon impact. Furthermore, because these signs survive longer and do not need to be replaced as frequently, there is significantly less waste material generated, both in terms of manufacture and disposal and recycling.


You should also keep an eye out for firms who are currently creating personalised neon signs in your area. If you see a lot of them, don’t assume that adding one more will clog up the space or overwhelm consumers. It might be an indication that bespoke neon signage is effective. Take note of the number of vehicles in each parking lot. How many people are entering and exiting? The evidence is in the pudding, and you can witness for yourself how personalised neon signs benefit your neighbourhood shops and restaurants.

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