Garden furniture

Garden furniture – description and uses


Garden furniture is a kind of equipment designed for outdoor use. It can be adapted as well on a terrace, under a veranda or in a garden . This requires materials specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions. Garden furniture concerns garden furniture, gazebos, children’s games, garden sheds, etc. as well as decorative installations.

The garden or the terrace is located in front or at the back of the house, but you can always see it from the living room or the dining room. It is for this reason that it is essential to arrange this space as pleasantly as possible. For several years now, companies specializing in the field of garden furniture have been competing with each other to bring you a very wide range of products.

What could be more pleasant than coming to bask in the garden, from the first rays of sunshine. Sixty percent of French people have a garden, and there is no shortage of garden furniture sales outlets. You will find your garden furniture both in supermarkets and in specialized stores. But it is on the Internet that the offer is the widest. You can arrange your little corner of paradise according to your taste and your budget.


The art of the ornamental garden appeared quite late. Garden furniture has gradually conquered gardens. It was at the end of the Middle Ages that a separation between the useful garden and the pleasure garden began. At that time, the garden had a utilitarian or meditation function. It is surrounded by a high exterior wall. During the Renaissance, the garden stood out and became a refinement. These are private gardens that are reserved for aristocrats and certain privileged people. From the 17th century, the royal gardens reflected a desire for ostentation and wealth. The garden is adorned with all the fantasies, it becomes a spectacle. In the walks appear the benches which are stages of essential rest.

The garden opens and becomes popular around the year 1850. The garden is transformed into an art of living made of charm, serenity and naturalness. Garden furniture evolves and undergoes the influences of different conquests. The garden is changing. It becomes the reflection of a social culture. With economic progress and discoveries, the architecture of gardens is changing very quickly. But the most prodigious evolution comes from the materials used for the creation of garden furniture as well as the shapes imagined.

The range of garden furniture

Garden Lounge

The garden furniture generally includes a table and several chairs. The table can be round, oval, square or even hexagonal or octagonal. The sizes are very varied. The chairs are chosen according to the style of the table. You can add accessories and cushions to your garden furniture to harmonize the whole. You can match your garden furniture with poufs or stools.

There is a wide range of garden furniture. You will find them in all subjects, and for all budgets. You can buy the complete living room or the parts separately. The most important criterion for choosing your garden furniture will be the use you make of it. The garden furniture will be used to organize bucolic lunches, or simply take a coffee break. It must therefore be comfortable and welcoming.

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