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7 Things To Avoid When Packing Your Car For The First Time


Packing your car for the first time is the most challenging part of moving. It involves heavy lifting and loading the boxes in the car. You must ensure that the boxes are in order and have minimal chances of damage during transportation.

Here are seven things to avoid when packing your car for the first time

1. Doing it alone

It’s overwhelming to park your car for the first time. You likely don’t have skills or experience in packing. Therefore, doing it yourself is not practical, and you can make mistakes.

Fortunately, expert movers such as Herlihy Moving can step in and assist you in packing. Hiring a moving company will save you time and effort. The movers will help you professionally pack, thus minimizing breakages during transit.

2. Parking without a plan

Parking without a plan leads to lots of packing mistakes. Avoid that by creating a packing a packing checklist. It helps your pack in an organized manner. With a packing checklist, you will pack your car like a pro and efficiently.

3. Using low-quality moving boxes

Low-quality boxes risk your items’ safety and their transportation. Have quality supplies and get more than your need. Ensure that boxes are durable and get the right size to fit in your car. Get boxes with unique features to park your delicate items, and don’t place such items at the bottom.

4. Not having an essential box

Failing to keep an essential box is a grave mistake you should avoid. Remember, you won’t have access to your essential belonging if you pack the items in other boxes. Your move will be tricky and stressful without access to your essential items.

Pack those “life saver” items in a survival kit and place them somewhere accessible in your car. The essential items include toiletries, kitchen tools, spare clothes, etc.

5. Overfilling your boxes

People always overfill their boxes to save space in their cars. However, overfilling your boxes compromises safety measures and can ruin your valuable items. Also, overfilling makes the boxes heavy for you to carry.

Try to have a reasonable amount of items in your boxes. But don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes as that can lead to undesirable contact with fragile items.

6. Packing items you shouldn’t have

Due to their nature, there are items you should not pack in your car. Such items include hazardous goods, perishables, pets, and plants. Packing the items in your car puts you at risk, and it’s a waste of time and energy.

7. Failing to label the boxes

Failing to label your boxes while packing your car is a costly mistake. Though it’s tempting to trust your memory, don’t forget to label your boxes clearly. Label the boxes by indicating the content of each item and the destination room. If you have fragile items, indicate that and ensure there is nothing on top of them. That enables you to have an easy time unpacking the items from your car.


Packing your car for the first time can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it right. You’ll have move-related stress, and you can make errors without noticing. The errors are costly and might ruin or damage your valuable items. So, ensure you avoid the above thing when packing your car.


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